About Me

Hey folks, my name is Matt Crawford. I’m the owner of this website and several other websites on the internet. I live in Iowa with my girlfriend and my 3 wonderful children. I’m also the owner of a 5 bedroom house with two garages & own several cars including a truck.

As you read this about page you will soon learn that I have a slew of hobbies and interests and like to live my life on my own terms.

Please be aware that this page as well as this website in general may contain full frontal nudity & is not intended to be viewed by children. I recommend visitors be at least 18 years of age or older to visit this website.


I have been working as a system administrator for over 15 years and I still currently work full time as a systems administrator. I also own a business in which I work part time as a photographer for Snap Geek Photography LLC.

Hobbies & Activities

I have many hobbies & activities I enjoy which include but are not limited to the following: fourwheeling, shooting guns, building sites, writing on my blog, working on my house, working on cars.

Nudist Lifestyle

I’ve been a nudist since he was a child living at my parents house here in Iowa. Growing up I wished for the freedom to roam around nude but atlas wasn’t allowed that freedom. When I got older I started seeking others who enjoyed simply being nude and found a lot of folks online who seemed to enjoy the same freedom. My goal of sharing such content is not for sexual reasons but rather the opposite.

For several years now I have expressed my love for nudism openly with the twitter community at @t3dus where I publicly shared photos of myself enjoying the nudist lifestyle. As of 3/2/2020 I no longer share nudes on Twitter or Instagram, Read why here. I own and run a nudist communities called Earth Naturists. I also am the founder of a nudist club known as CornFed Crew.

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