CornFed Crew is closing

CornFed Crew is closing

As much as it this pains me, I have decided to disband the club and close the CornFed Crew site.

Starting CornFed Crew was my third attempt to locate, and get nudists to come together in Iowa.

My goals behind CornFed Crew were simple:

  • Create an active non-sexual nudist club in Iowa
  • Have regular group gatherings and nudist events
  • To accept and allow singles to join in club activities.
  • To promote the nudist lifestyle in a non-sexual manner to educate textiles about the lifestyle.

I just really wanted to bring nudists in Iowa together and promote nudism in a positive light but once more I failed my mission.

There are many reasons I’ve decided to close it but the main ones are:

  • members are not active nor do they talk with other members.
  • members do not use the website.
  • members do not put forth any effort into the club.
  • members do not offer me any guidance or help run the club
  • most of the members who had any desire in CornFed Crew have long left or abandoned the site.

I alone can not force this group of Iowans to grow, and be active. It takes all members who have the will to want a club to thrive and to ensure it does. I’m finished trying to make something work that clearly will never work.

CornFed Crew website will be closed and likely deleted in 30-60 days from the date of this post.

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