Putting the fence back up
Fence back up!

Putting the fence back up

As I wrote about previously in my last blog post [Big storm blew down my fence] our fence got blown over by a strong wind that hit on Memorial Day and while I really really need to replace this fence it simply isn’t in the budget currently.

For now the goal is to put the fence back up how it was by replacing the snapped off fence posts and replacing them with new posts.

The fact the fence was down didn’t stop me however from briefly enjoying some sun in my yard.

Here are some photos I took while replacing the first snapped off fence post.

Here are more photos I took while replacing the 2nd snapped off fence post.

Fence is all back up how it was for now and now I simply just need to save up money to replace the fence. You can help fund this project by subscribing to onlyfans.com/t3dus.

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